April YOM Winners.png

April Yard of the Month

229 West Hampton Avenue

We are excited to kick off this year's Yard of the Month with this beautiful blue Queen Anne that has undergone the prettiest facelift recently. Thank you to our homeowners for their investment in our historic neighborhood. The house looks amazing!

Our May Honorees will be selected from Brookwood Terrace and Irwin Avenue so if you live on one of those streets, make sure your house and yard are spruced up!


Yard of the Month recognizes Hampton Height’s neighbors who contribute to the overall aesthetics and health of our neighborhood by maintaining exceptionally clean and beautiful properties. Starting in May of 2021, the honorees of Yard of the Month will be selected by an online voting system to get more neighbors involved.


It’s that time of year neighbors! Time to show off our homes and yards with the yearly Yard of the Month competition! We have new volunteers in charge this year with fresh ideas who are changing things up just a bit to get neighbors more involved.  We are excited to share that this year we will be using a voting system via SurveyMonkey.com along with a surprise for each winner. Voting will begin for May’s winner. We look forward to promoting our historic neighborhood and instilling a pride through the beautification process through months April-October. Please see below for the Yard of the Month criteria:

To be considered for Yard of the Month, your yard must:

  • Be well-groomed (despite landscape design ie: wild / minimal, yards should be mowed, sidewalks should be edged and flower beds should be free of weeds)

  • Be attractive, neat and pleasing to the eye (i.e. green lawn; a variety of plants, variety of heights, include creative features such as: landscape lighting, fountains, large rocks

  • Have buildings, fences, porches, and patios in good condition (i.e. minimal distraction from the landscape due to deterioration, damage / construction)

  • Be free of litter, junk, and debris (no appliances or indoor furniture on porches or patios; free of junked or inoperable vehicles; no parking on the lawn).

Each month, neighborhood volunteers will choose 2-3 streets to highlight for yard of the month. These volunteers will choose 2 houses that meet all criteria for our neighbors and friends to vote for via the SurveyMonkey voting link. These streets will be announced via email chain, Facebook, and Instagram. We look forward to highlighting all of our streets along with your hard work to maintain and preserve the charm and curb appeal of our beautiful, historic neighborhood. 

MAY WINNERS will be selected from BROOKWOOD TERRACE & IRWIN AVENUE!!  So, if you live on one of these streets, start sprucing up your yard!