The Hampton Heights Neighborhood Association
 as amended on December 11, 2012

Article I -Name: The name of this association will be the Hampton Heights Neighborhood Association.
Article II - Purpose: The purpose of this association will be to encourage and ensure the protection, preservation, and promotion of the area known as Hampton Heights, as delineated below, in view of its historical significance is one of the older residential areas in Spartanburg, SC.
Article III - Membership: Membership in this association will be open to all residents and owners of property in the Hampton Heights neighborhood who have paid yearly dues. The neighborhood is defined as that area bounded by Church Street on the east; Henry Street to Hydrick Street on the north; the Seaboard Coast line railroad and Hydrick Street on the west, and South Hampton Dr., Cecil Court, and Morningside Drive on the south, including all houses on Irwin Ave. south to the intersection with Seay Street.
Article IV - General Meetings: 

Section A 
The Association will hold three general meetings each year at a place in Spartanburg chosen by the officers.
Section B
The three general meetings will ordinarily be held on the second Tuesday of each April, September, and December. The day may be set by the vote of a majority of the officers.

Section C 
The fall and spring meetings will ordinarily be program meetings or special events. They may also include a business meeting. The winter meeting will ordinarily consist of a business meeting followed by a holiday party. Election of officers will be held at the winter meeting

Section D
Special meetings of the Association may be called by a majority of the officers. The membership will be notified in writing or in person at least four days prior to such a meeting. 

Section E 
A majority of the membership present will constitute a quorum at any meeting of the Association.

Section F 
The following will be the general order of business at Association meetings. This order may be altered, if so determined by the Board of Directors beforehand. 

1.    Call to order
2.    Reading of the minutes of the last meeting
3.    Reports of officers
4.    Reports of chairs of committees
5.    Old business
6.    New business (program)
7.    Announcements
8.    Social hour


ARTICLE V - Officers:

Section A 
The officers of the Association will be a president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer. Officers must be members of the Neighborhood Association in good standing. They will be elected by the membership present at the winter meeting to hold office for two years until their successors are elected. 

Section B: Duties of Officers 

1.    President
       a.    The President will preside at all membership meetings, executive committee meetings, and board                        meetings and will have general supervision of the business and activities of the Association, including                  the work of the various committees, on which he/she will be an ex officio member. 
       b. The President will serve as a representative to the Citizens Advisory Council or will appoint a                                  representative to serve. 
       c. The President will attend or appoint a member to attend HARB meetings and report to the Board as                     necessary. 


2.    Vice President
       a.    The Vice President will preside in the absence of the President and will have such powers and                              discharge such other duties as the membership may assign from time to time. 
       b. The Vice President will be an ex officio member of all committees.


3.    Secretary
       a.    The Secretary will have such powers and discharge such duties as the membership may assign from                  time to time. 
       b. The Secretary will be in charge of distributing notices of all meetings of the Association, the executive                 committee, and the board. 
       c. The Secretary will have charge of the Association's records, will make any necessary reports, and will                 take minutes al the membership meetings, executive committee meetings, and board meetings. 

4.    Treasurer
       a.  The Treasurer will have custody of the money of the Association and will

            keep regular books of account. 
       b. The Treasurer will disburse the funds of the Association in payment of just demands against it or as the             officers may order. 
       c. The treasurer will make a financial report at each meeting, including any checking accounts and the                     Anne Irwin Fund. 

Section C: Executive Committee 
The officers and the immediate Past President may meet as an Executive Committee to set the agenda for meetings of the Board of Directors and to otherwise carry out their assigned duties.


Section D: 
If any officer is absent or disabled, the other officers may, from time to time, turn his/her duties and powers over to another officer.

Section E: Vacancies: 
Vacancy in any office will be filled by the Board of Directors.

Section F: Nominating Committee: 
A Nominating Committee will be appointed by the executive committee of the Association. The immediate past president of the association will chair the nominating committee. Members of this committee will be announced at least one month before the December meeting. This committee will present a proposed slate of candidates for the officers of the Association for election at the December meeting. Nominations may also be made from the floor at the December meeting. 

ARTICLE VI - The Board of Directors: 

Section A: A Board of Directors will be composed of a maximum of twenty members and will include, but is not limited to, the following representatives: 
     1.  The four elected officers of the Association
     2.  The immediate past President of the Association
     3.  Membership Coordinator. The coordinator of membership will encourage participation in the Association            and will keep membership records.
     4.  Public Relations Coordinator. The coordinator of public relations will serve as a liaison between the                      Association and the larger community of Spartanburg. This representative will be particularly concerned            with bringing the neighborhood to the attention of real tors. The public relations coordinator will                          supervise the website and social media outlets.
     5.  Beautification Coordinator. The primary task of this representative will be to organize and carry out the              maintenance of the park area around the Hampton Heights historic marker. In addition, this person will              be concerned with the appearance and cleanliness of the neighborhood and will plan holiday decorations.
     6.  Traffic and Safety Coordinator. This representative will be concerned with the general safety of the                      neighborhood and will coordinate the Neighborhood Watch Program. For purposes of the Neighborhood              Watch Program, the Traffic and Safety coordinator will divide the neighborhood into small sections that              can serve as watch areas. 
     7.  Refreshments Coordinator. This representative will coordinate refreshments for Association functions.
     8.  Editor of the Neighborhood Newsletter. This representative will be in charge of writing and distributing at            least three newsletters each year, one of which will be issued before each general membership meeting            and will serve as an announcement of the meeting.
     9.  Welcome coordinator. This representative will coordinate welcoming new residents in the neighborhood.
   10.  At-Large representative(s) from the neighborhood.
   11.  The board will designate a member to be responsible for association property.

Section B: The Board of Directors will be appointed by the Executive Committee in the month of January for a two-year term. All board members will be voting members.
Section C: Meetings of the Board of Directors will be called by the President at such a time and place us the President determines necessary for the operation of the Association. A majority of the officers may also call a meeting of the Board. In order to conduct business, a simple majority of the Board's membership must be present. The Board of Directors shall meet at least once in each quarter. 

Section D: A Board member who misses more than three meetings in a year may be replaced by the Executive Committee. 

Section E: In carrying out their assigned tasks, members of the Board may appoint individuals from among the Board and from the general membership of the Association to act as a committee. 

Section F: A person may serve in more than one capacity on the Board. 

Section G: Members of the Association who are not on the Board may attend any Board meeting. 

Section H: The Board may appoint a webmaster to administer the association website. 

ARTICLE VII- Finances: 

Section A 
The officers may fix and assess such annual dues to be paid by each member as a condition to the participation in the activities of the Association. 

Section B 
The money of the Association will be deposited in its name in such banking institutions as the officers may designate and will be drawn out only by withdrawal signed by the person or persons designated by resolution of the officers. 

Section C 
The Anne Irwin fund of the Spartanburg County Foundation will be monitored by the president and the treasurer. 

ARTICLE VIII - Books and Records 
Section A. 
The officers of the Association will institute a proper system of books and records. 

Section B. 
There will be an internal review of the financial records annually by a member of the neighborhood association other than the treasurer.

ARTICLE IX- Amendment of By-Laws: These By-Laws may be amended by a majority vote of the membership at any regular or special meeting called for that purpose, provided that the proposed amendment has been submitted in writing to the membership at least one week prior to the meeting in which the proposed amendment is to be voted upon. 

ARTICLE X - Procedure: The Association will follow Robert's Rules of Order. These By-Laws take precedence over Robert's Rules in case of conflict.

ARTICLE XI - Dissolution: In the event of dissolution, the residual assets of the Hampton Heights Neighborhood Association will be contributed to the general fund of the Spartanburg County Foundation. 

Hampton Heights

The center of Hampton Heights is located at West Hampton Avenue, Spartanburg, SC. The neighborhood includes Willow Oaks and Irwin Parks, Montessori Academy of Spartanburg and Spartanburg Prep School, and Southside Baptist Church. The community is in walking distance to the heart of downtown Spartanburg, SC.